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Xtrade Europe Ltd (ex. XFR Financial Ltd.) is a regulated and licensed Investment Firm that offer financial services in Europe. The company is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus.
Xtrade Europe Ltd is a uniquely rewarding employer that works to provide employees with prospects for growth and development. Employees enjoy access to a global network of professionals and opportunities for career advancement, resulting in a driven and dynamic workforce.

At Xtrade, we care deeply about the following:

  • Work-life balance
  • Long-term career relationships
  • Job stability and security
  • World-class benefits for employees
  • Opportunities for career advancement
  • Mentoring from management
  • Result-based promotions

Xtrade employees receive:

  • Medical coverage
  • Stability and long-term contracts
  • Office catering (breakfast and lunch)
  • World-class employee benefits
  • Career development and promotions

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Please email your curriculum vitae to: hrcy@xtrade.com

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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss. Trading FX/CFDs involves a significant level of risk and you may lose all of your invested capital. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved.